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  • What if I want to have a specific piece made just for me?
    Click on "Contact" and let me know what you are looking for. Items we will discuss would be; What you're wanting done (size, subject, etc.), if you want it to be a one of a kind piece or if you are willing to let me add it to my online store for others to purchase, pricing, etc.
  • What if a size I want is not listed?
    Please click on "Contact" and let me know what size art you are looking for. If I can accommodate, I will give you the pricing at that time.
  • I see no options for framed artwork, is that possible?"
    At this time, I do not offer framing of the artwork. However, feel free to click "Contact" and we can discuss what the options are, or I can refer you to places that do great framework depending on your location.
  • How soon can I expect the art to be delivered to me?
    This depends on a number of different factors. But, if I have the size you purchase readily available, you should recieve the artwork within two weeks (which I do my best to keep all sizes readily available). If I need to order more of the print, it could take up to four weeks.
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